Once the conventionality of realities is understood…

                                the bodhisattva is liberated from the naïve realism

                                that traps him in misknowledge. He becomes free to

                                reconstruct an extraordinary reality of enlightenment.

                                -R. Thurman, Mandala: The Architecture of Enlightenment




The equation begins with nothing

& returns to nothing. In the void



We mark our presence as though

In this mandala of time the ineffable

Can be parsed in pure syllables.


It may be an error to propose

Music and Poetry the only way

To bring differentials to some

Concordance. We say we are solitudes

In the radiance of &. We are whirling


& spinning. Dervishes in the dark,

Come into being-with, without. Do not

Falter. Sense the blue god and his beloved.


Us, the lightning thunderbolt’s laughter.



Marjorie Evasco